Communicating With Your Child


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When polled, most parents list their top concerns for child safety into the categories of bullying, struggling with depression, kidnapping, fighting, drugs and alcohol, or even getting shot. It seems that with every passing year, life is getting crazier, and the stakes continue to go up, putting ourselves and our kids in danger from things we never would have considered twenty years ago, like dying in a terrorist attack at a public venue, or a school shooting.

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It’s impossible to keep an eye on your kids at all times. You have to go to work, so you’re able to feed and clothe them. Bills have to be paid. The car is going to break. Water mains are going to pop. Life is going to try it’s hardest to take your focus off the kids, and it will disrupt your time, and continue to crave it unmercifully. While all of this is going on, where are the kids? Under the care of a teacher, or babysitter, or day-care worker? Are they watching your children close enough? Are your kids learning life lessons from these people?


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