How To Generate More Sales With Email Marketing

One of the many advantages on using the internet to grow your business is the high level of automation available. No where is this automation more evident than with the use of emails to contact a large list of customers. In order to keep the email process clear of any accusations of spam you will need to use opt in emails.


When someone agrees to receive emails from you they are ‘opting in’ to your list or newsletter, that way they can’t accuse you of spamming them by sending them unsolicited emails. When they visit your website they will be encouraged to sign up to your list. In order to get them to sign up you can offer them something of value such as a free report, or a multi part mini- course. Whatever your incentive is you have to make sure it’s a good one or your visitors won’t sign up. Once you’ve got your visitors contact information it’s vitally important for you to carefully follow through. Make sure they receive whatever you promised them and continue to provide them with quality information when you send out your follow up emails.


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