The Fight Against Darkness


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The fight against darkness is the story of Elara, a young girl. Who discovers she possesses dark magic power and convinces herself that she is the most powerful person in the world, capable of influencing everyone around her, including her family and friends.

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Elara meets a group of dark magic practitioners one day, and they invite her to join their coven. Elara eagerly joins them, excited by the prospect of learning more about dark magic and becoming even more powerful. She soon realizes, however, that the coven’s leader, a powerful sorceress named Morgath, intends to use her for her own ends.

Elara feel betrayed, and she realizes that her desire for power almost led to her downfall and that she must learn to use her powers for good, not just for her own gain. She vows to use her powers to protect and help others, rather than to control them.


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